The Association is guided by a biennial action plan which outlines the goals and objectives for the organization as well as a memorandum of understanding.

Goal (2007-2011 Biennial Action Plan)

Develop and Implement Initiatives that Support Long-Term Sustainability of the Watershed Partnerships

The five main objectives identified to implement the goal are:

  1. Investigate long-term, sustainable funding options and determine solutions to support continued implementation of the management plans developed under the Watershed Partnerships;

  2. Address capacity-building needs for the Watershed Partnerships;

  3. Support policies and laws that will benefit Watershed Partnership goals and management plans;

  4. Facilitate the annual Watershed Symposium and/or other similar events to maintain communication amongst partners and facilitate information exchange;

  5. Expand outreach and education initiatives to develop support for the work done by Watershed Partnerships, particularly amongst the public and decision makers.