All Together Now! KWP Partners, Crew, and Volunteers share a work day in the forest.



On Saturday, November 17th, KWP staff, partners and community volunteers gathered at Ponoholo Ranch, a founding KWP partner, to share a day of work and fun. Joining the KWP staff and a group of veteran volunteers in the field were Pono von Holt, his daughter Sabrina, and ranch employees Chris and Jason.

We started the day with a survey of two native species once thought extinct, but rediscovered  — and now protected —on this land:  the endemic tree snail pūpūkanioe, Partulina physa, and the rare oha wai plant, Clermontia singuliflora. Both snail and tree have found a natural sanctuary here on the windward slopes of Kohala — a place where the cooling mists blanket the valley walls, and tree leaves drip with moisture. The best moment of the morning was when Chris found a baby snail enveloped in the leaves of one of the baby outplanted oha wai ! !

We spent the rest of the morning surveying the upper sections of the Kaneaʻa-Ponoholo Preserve, and controlling kahili ginger. After a quick photo op, we headed back to the ranch to share  a meal and recognize our most dedicated volunteers, who have donated hundreds of hours to the work of KWP over the years.

50 Hour Awards:  John Kloppenborg, Ralph and Gladys Quistorff

75 Hour Award: Jean Bassen

150 Hour Award (Golden Sickle): Christine Ahia

250 Hour Award (Golden Sickle): David Stubbs

CONGRATULATIONS to our partners for their commitment to conservation, to our staff for their hard work, and to our volunteers, who donate their time and enthusiasm to our efforts.