Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death Pathogen Found in Kaua‘i Forest

Guest blog for ‘Don’t Move Firewood’ website by Melissa Fisher, Director of Kauai Forest Program, The Hawai’i Chapter of The Nature Conservancy

One evening early in May 2018 I received a call from the Kauaʻi Department of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) branch manager that started with, “Are you sitting down?” She quickly shared with me devastating information that the deadly disease that has killed thousands of trees on the island of Hawai’i, Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death (ROD), had now also been found on the island of Kauaʻi. ʻŌhiʻa trees anchor Kauaʻi’s native forest and are deeply significant culturally. The thought that kept running through my mind was, “we thought we had more time.”

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Forest survey crew sample suspect trees. credit: L. Behnke, TNC

KWA Coordinator – TNC Kauaʻi Forest Program, October 2018 newsletter

Since our last update, we have been challenged to stepaway from our planned projects and incorporate the unexpected into our work. Kauaʻi experienced catastrophic rain in April, quickly followed by the discovery here of the disease currently devasting the native ʻōhiʻa trees on Hawaiʻi Island. As a Greek philosopher once said, “the only constant is change”, and while we cannot predict the next change, as this newsletter will share, our team will be here to help find solutions thanks to your support. Read more

ʻŌhiʻa lehua blossom at Kanaele Bog on Kaua’i

KWA Coordinator – TNC Kauaʻi Forest Program, June 2018 newsletter

Welcome to the first of what we plan will be a quarterly “Dispatches” newsletter from the Kauaʻi Forest program! We are excited to share with you the latest news and updates from the field (and office too!) as we work to protect the drinking water in some of the most remote areas on Kauaʻi. We hope you will enjoy hearing about our projects and the team that undertakes the many challenges of working in the very heart of the island. Read more

Wainiha Valley, Kauaʻi

Learn about Watersheds! UH Manoa February 8th 2017

Watershed Partnerships 2017 RFP

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources seeks to fund the
implementation of projects undertaken by watershed partnerships in accordance with
approved watershed management plans negotiated with private landowners. Multiple
awards will be made under this request for proposals. Final awards are subject to the
availability of funds or State budget restrictions and procedures.
Approximately $2.5 million dollars from the General Fund is available through this RFP.

Please see the RFP here: Request For Proposals No. WP17

2016 WCC Hawaii – Experience Proposals

In September 2016 Hawai`i will welcome 8,000 participants from over 160 countries at the IUCN 2016 World Conservation Congress. Although the Congress sessions will be held at the Hawai`i Convention Center, we have the opportunity to bring the Congress to our communities via excursions and pre and post experiences, and to share how Hawai`i is incorporating modern science and indigenous knowledge in the spirit of true Aloha to help preserve and sustain our environment and our culture. It will also be an opportunity to learn from conservation experts around the world of their challenges and best practices.

The 2016 WCC Hawaii Host Committee is inviting  those that are interested in hosting the participants of the IUCN 2016 World Conservation Congress to submit their proposals for excursions and pre and post experiences by filling out this  form .
The selection timeline for the excursions and pre and post proposals is as follows:

September 4, 2015: Date due for proposals.

September 8-16, 2015: Review and vetting of proposal by each county

September 17-28, 2015: Review and selection of proposals by the Host Committee Programs Excursions and Pre/Post Working Group and IUCN.

October 9, 2015: Launch of the registration web site.

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SUBMITTED OR ARE PLANNING ON SUBMITTING YOUR PROPOSALS THROUGH YOUR COUNTY/ISLAND: Please check with your county contact to see if you will be included in their information, or if you should submit directly via this form.

Kaua`i: Margaret Clark – mclark@ntbg.org (mailto:mclark@ntbg.org)
Maui: Rob Parsons – robert.parsons@co.maui.hi.us (mailto:robert.parsons@co.maui.hi.us)
Hawai`i (Big Island): Ross Birch – rbirch@hvcb.org (mailto:rbirch@hvcb.org)

O`ahu – Please submit your proposals via this form.

Molokai – Waikamoi Bird Loop Trail Work

DecVolunteerAnnouncement - Copy

Hawaii Island – Palila Palooza


Ka‘ala NAR Outplanting and Watershed Protection in the News!

Friday’s KGMB evening news lead story was Kaala NAR outplanting and watershed protection. View it here

Its great coverage of the watershed initiative, the NARS, and rare plant protection.

Thanks to all those that organized the trip and provided interviews!

East Moloka`i Watershed Partnership Newsletter Now Available

The April eddition of NEWSFLASH the East Moloka`i Watershed Partnership Newsletter is now available online. Click here to catch up on the latest EMoWP happenings!