Grant for East Maui Watershed Conservation Easement

Under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Recovery Land Acquisition Grants Program, the East Maui Watershed Conservation Easement was granted $391,000 for the acquisition of a permanent conservation easement on over 3,550 acres upslope of the towns of Makawao and Haiku on the Island of Maui. The property is at the center of the 100,000-acre East Maui Watershed Partnership managed by six major landowners. The property provides habitat for 13 rare or endangered birds, including the ‘akohekohe or crested honeycreeper and the Maui parrotbill, which are among the rarest birds in the U.S. It is also critical habitat for Geranium multiflorum and eight other federally listed plants, as well as a number of other rare plants and animals.

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