A-planting we will go!

Let’s Plant a Forest!

We grow ’em; we plant ’em!

KWP has been growing native trees and shrubs of Kohala from seeds that we collect during work days across the mountain since 2009. We just did the math, and an amazing 600 people have planted trees on Kohala, and the total number of trees from volunteers alone is 27,000 trees! That added to the more than 50,000 trees planted by the KWP partners and crew comes to a whopping total of 77,000 trees. WOWEE!

Many of you reading this email had a hand in this inspiring total, and I hope you feel just a little tingle of pride and hope for what we have accomplished together.

So, let’s keep up the good work, and plant some MORE!  Join us this Saturday to keep up the momentum.  We will be heading mauka to the Luahine side of the Koai‘a Corridor, planting four different species (for those of you who need to know. . . it’s koai’a, ‘a’ali’i, māmane & manono). We will work in teams, so there will be a job for everyone, no matter your age or experience!

Let’s meet at The Kohala Center office at 8:30 am, then “vanpool” to the work site. Wear boots or sturdy shoes, and bring along sack lunch, water bottle, and a jacket in case it gets stormy. We provide tools, gloves, plants and snacks. We will finish and be back to town by 3:30 pm.

Please click the button to RSVP by Thursday, 10/9/14. Space is limited, so please reply soon.

E Komo Mai!
Have you seen me?

I’m a furry black caterpillar that was recently released from captivity to help control some nasty weeds in our forests and pastures. My name is Secusio extensa, but my friends call me “fireweed moth” because of my particular food choices. I’m from east Africa, and I was brought to Hawaii more than a decade ago to be tested as a potential biological control for fireweed.

As it turns out, I was a very fussy eater, which is exactly what the scientists were looking for.  I will only eat fireweed and cape ivy, and would rather starve to death than touch any native or beneficial plants. I hope that you will welcome me with fond aloha, and I hope I can help out Melora and her friends by doing what nature designed me to do: eat  invasive plants!

Mahalo to Gunner for the photo!

Count me in!