LHWRP Volunteer Trip

Maile crawlig up Aiea

maile lauli’i
Alyxia oliviformis

Welo ka huelo ku.

The standing tails sway.

Said of young wines that appear in the month of Welo and have not yet spread. Owls sometimes mistake them for rats and pounce on them.

-ʻŌlelo Noʻeau, Pukuʻi

It has been said by some, that Hawaiʻi as no seasons. However, the people of old were so attuned to their natural environment that they were able to not only recognize the change in seasons but even the slight changes from day to day. As we near the end of April we move into the time of WeloWelo, is the last malama or month in the 6 month season of Ho’oilo, our winter or wet season. As the seasons shift from winter to summer, or Kau, this is also the time when Makali’i will set and not return again to our eastern sky until Oct./Nov. signifying the beginning ofMakahiki. It is a time of endings as well as new beginnings. It has been said, thatWelo is the malama when creeping plants send up little shoots which look like tails, and farming is at its best for all things continue to grow thriftily. Welo is also the name of a star used by our kupuna in their navigation of the vast Pacific, as well as a word used to signify a group custom.   So appropriate is this time of Welo and all that it encompasses, as we ask for your help to revive our group custom of volunteer trips. Please join us as we continue to work towards the restoration of Auwahi.

When: Saturday, April 28th, 2012, 8:00-4:00

Due to the rough and steep terrain, WE REQUIRE HIKING BOOTS TO BE WORN THAT COVER THE ANKLE, and unfortunately, we will have to turn folks away without proper boots. We have some extra boots you can borrow but please bring your own socks. Plan to pack layered clothing, raingear, two liters of water, lunch, sunscreen and a hat. Please clean all your gear, backpacks and boots and leave hitchhiking seeds behind.

*Please let us know if you would like to join us, so that we may save you a seat, by contacting auwahi@yahoo.com or calling 573-8989. Mahalo nui loa, for your dedicated support and hard work. A hui hou!

Ke aloha nui

Art, Diana, Luke, Fernando, Ainoa, Kawika, Robert, Christian, Erica, Andrea, & Kaliko