State Tree Nursery growing plants for more than 50 years in Waimea

Toni in STN from NHN story

We want people to have the right tree for the right place.”    – Toni McPeek, STN crew leader

KWP’s home base for field operations is the Kamuela State Tree Nursery (STN). State workers have been growing trees in Waimea for more than 50 years, and have met the changing challenges over the years.  From the 60s through the 90s, the philosophy of “grow them fast” prevailed. Exotic trees like eucalyptus, ironwood, ornamental olive, and Cook pines were propagated to quickly replace forests that were decimated by plantations and ranches. It was “against the rules” to grow native species at that time.

The “renaissance” of native plants started in the 1990’s and continues to grow. Currently, tens of thousands of native trees are grown at the STN, for reforestation on both large and small scales. Nursery professionals have fine-tuned the process of propagating natives, from dryland trees to wet forest species.

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