Why do you volunteer with KWP?

All those smiling faces!  What is going on here?  We asked our volunteers why they come out and join us in doing our work on the mountain, and these are some of the things they said:

It’s healthy for the body and soul.

Yes, we give you an opportunity to sweat. We wield shovels, picks, and machetes. We dig, we walk, we whack weeds. There is a less concrete aspect to our work, too. As we focus our energies on repairing the land, our spirits are filled by the power and beauty of the natural world around us. Yup. Spiritual work. Good for the soul.

Because people have done damage, and it’s up to people to make it better. It’s a good feeling to contribute to that, even if on a small scale.

We have learned that the intentions of our work are essential to positive outcomes. Many people volunteer because they have a sense of responsibility to care for the land. Spending a day planting trees or killing weeds feels pono, feels right. Making the choice to step out, to show up, to grab that shovel. That’s no small scale stuff.

Everyone involved are very professional, motivated, and positive.

The staff and crew of KWP are inspired by our volunteers, too.  They give us a fresh perspective on our daily work; they breathe new life into our routine.  We all love working with our community volunteers!

And the simplest one to share. Needs no explanation:

It makes me happy.