KWA Coordinator – TNC Kaua‘i Forest Program, April 2019 Newsletter

When I first joined the Kauaʻi Forest team in 2008, we had just finished the building of our first fence in Kanaele.  Fencing out destructive non-native animals from priority native forest areas is the best way to keep the forests healthy and capturing fresh water for the island. We now have 13 miles of fencing protecting 7,000 acres of prime watershed forest on Kauaʻi. This newsletter showcases our work at Kanaele and shares insights on how the technologies that we use for one purpose can also be used to give insight into a threat that was unknown during the original application. Also featured this month is a short-video that will take you on a journey deep in to the Alaka’i Wilderness to learn about Nicolai Barca’s conservation evolution. Read More