KWA Coordinator – TNC Kauaʻi Forest Program, June 2018 newsletter

Welcome to the first of what we plan will be a quarterly “Dispatches” newsletter from the Kauaʻi Forest program! We are excited to share with you the latest news and updates from the field (and office too!) as we work to protect the drinking water in some of the most remote areas on Kauaʻi. We hope you will enjoy hearing about our projects and the team that undertakes the many challenges of working in the very heart of the island. Read more

Wainiha Valley, Kauaʻi

KWA 2012 Over Management Strategy Approved!

We are proud to announce that in Novemeber 2012, the Kauai Watershed Alliance approved a new 5-year management plan prepared by The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii.  This new plan plays off the successes over the past 8 years managing invasive weeds and feral ungulates in remote portions of Kauai and sets forth plans for continued management efforts in the coming years.  It then continues with plans and a projected budget for how to meet the challenge set forth in the Governor’s “Rainfall Follows the Forest” plan which calls for a doubling of watershed protection over the next 10 years.

KWA Overall Strategy Mgmt Plan 2012