Harbor Gallery supports KWP with another donation!


Photo: Harbor Gallery owner Gunner Mench (R) presents a check to KWP coordinator Melora Purell, and KWP volunteer Robert Elarco at the Kohala Country Fair last weekend.

Gunner and Elli Mench, our friends at Harbor Gallery in Kawaihae, have been supporting KWP with outreach and raising funds for our watershed restoration efforts. Twice a year, Harbor Gallery has a Wood Show in the gallery, featuring local artists, using local woods.  As part of their commitment to the reforestation of the watershed, and in hopes of seeing a change in the water quality of nearby Pelekane Bay, they have been donating 10% of the profits of the wood show to the watershed partnership.  These funds help us grow native plants, and support our volunteer work days at which we plant thousands of native species every year. Their ongoing commitment has reached more than $19,000!

Mahalo, Gunner and Eli, for your generosity and commitment to KWP!