Threats Gallery

Hawaii’s forested watersheds face major threats that degrade its health and negatively impact its ability to provide ecosystem services such as clean and abundant water, native habitats for native species, and socio-economic benefits such as culture, education, and recreation opportunities. Watershed Partnerships are working hard on-the-ground to manage such threats as feral ungulates (hoofed animals such as cattle, goat, pig, deer, and sheep which damage forests by browsing, rooting, and trampling vegetation so the ground is left bare and soils exposed for erosion), invasive weed species (which can take over a native forest and impact its ability to capture waters and hold soils), forest pest and disease, and wildfire.

Click on the images below to see how these threats can impact forested watersheds.  You can also view a 2 minute 20 second video about threats facing our watersheds (recommend viewing in full screen for sharper images and remember to turn on the sound).