‘Imi Pono no ka ‘Āina

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It is ‘Imi Pono’s mission to provide conservation themed programs for students, teachers and community members to strengthen environmental and cultural consciousness and to instill in participants a sense of kuleana so that they will become advocates of the land.


‘Who is ‘Imi Pono no ka ‘Āina?

Imi Pono no ka ‘Āina is the environmental education and outreach program for the Three Mountain Alliance (TMA).  TMA is a watershed partnership comprised of over one million acres of state, federal and private land on Hawai‘i Island.  With the help of TMA partners, ‘Imi Pono exposes students, teachers and community members to a variety of natural environments, their cultural significance and the problems faced by these native ecosystems.


Student Enrichment Programs

A highlight of ‘Imi Pono’s efforts is a two-week summer program, in which students grades 6-12 travel to natural areas across Hawai’i Island. Through hands-on activities such as plant propagation, invasive species control, and reforestation, students complete a curriculum that includes science, Hawaiian culture, and geography.  Once students complete the summer program, they are  eligible to participate in the week-long Spring and Fall returnee programs.  Past themes include “5 Mountains in 5 Days” and “Hawaiian Plants and their Uses” and the “Ka‘ū Coastline Walk”.


Community Outreach

Community and school groups participate in conservation management with ‘Imi Pono through native plant propagation and reforestation on TMA member lands.   Over the last several years, thousands of native understory and canopy species have been out-planted by groups such as Kamehameha Schools, UHH Geography and History classes, HCC Biology and Geography classes, and DOE and public charter school groups.

‘Imi Pono is also active at community events throughout the year including the Hawai‘i County Fair and the Merrie Monarch Parade.  These events allow the public to see how the TMA watershed partnership is working together to protect Hawai‘i’s watersheds.


Teacher Workshops

‘Imi Pono’s teacher education workshops encourage educators to incorporate environmental education into their curriculum.  Teachers travel to natural areas and meet the scientists, natural resource managers, and technicians who are helping to improve and protect Hawai‘i’s environment.  The field-based workshops allow teachers to gain first hand experience with Hawai‘i’s unique and valuable resources and the threats they face.  Teachers receive workbooks that include lesson plans and activities designed for the classroom and based on Hawai‘i State Department of Education Content and Performance Standards.

For information on upcoming events, including the art exhibition, Hawai’i Nei, click the ‘Imi Pono News tab to the right.

For more information contact:

Lahela Camara

Program Coordinator

(808) 333-8241



P.O. Box 52

Hawai‘i National Park

Hawai‘i 96718-0052